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5 Tips to Avoid Bright and Shiny Syndrome

Do you find yourself giving huge amounts of energy to trendy marketing approaches or products? How does this time take away from your original goals? This can add to extra cost, decreased efficiency, and ultimately no projects getting completed.

Here are 5 tips to overcome Bright and Shiny Syndrome as a business owner!

1. Know yourself and what you want

Truly think about how adding a new program or marketing trend will align with your goals. Do you even know your goals?!

Think about it like decluttering your house or closet. As Marie Kondo would say, does this bring you “joy”? Does this new trend bring you closer to your business goals? Or is it just fun and new.

2. Ask yourself the right questions

Don’t worry, once you get past the initial excitement you will revert back to that clear-headed leader once again. You can ask yourself questions such as;Do I have the time and resources to work on this idea? Or does this fit with my motivation?

Taking a step back and looking realistically at your capacity can help bring perspective to the real value add.

3. Set boundaries

Don’t be afraid to say No to new trendy opportunities. Know what you are working towards and stay consistent on your path towards that goal. Don’t be afraid to see things through.

You can save your energy by setting boundaries and not saying Yes to everything!

4. Stop comparing

You might be tempted to switch gears if you aren’t seeing results fast enough. Makes sense. However, trying to change course too many times can end up getting you lost in the sauce.

Pick a a plan that you are confident about and stick with it! What works for others might not be the best option for you, and the energy spent comparing yourself to others will create low morale and slow down your momentum.

5. Wait out the idea

If you absolutely can’t keep this new idea out of your head, wait it out. People often give the advice to “sleep on it”. Take this same advice into your business.

Weigh out the pros and cons, what will it actually take to put this in place? What would the consequences be? Take your time and don’t act on impulse.

How can you avoid this?

Do you have a team member or plan in place to keep you from distractions and hold you accountable? Having an OBM at your side to keep you on track and shield you from bright and shiny syndrome.

Visit my packages page and shoot me an email to learn more!

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